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Monthly meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month at the Old Town Hall, 3 Meetinghouse Rd., Bedford, NH. Meetings begin at 11:30 a.m., but many members show up earlt to grab a cup of coffee and a snack, socialize and set up their plants on the show table.

Guests are always welcome!

Please see event descriptions for all other event times & locations.

Upcoming events

    • 03 Jun 2017
    • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Tower Hill Botanic Garden, 11 French Dr, Boylston, MA
    American Orchid Society judging sessions  are free and open to the public.  Educational programs usually begin at 10:15 AM, and you are welcome to attend these as well, at no charge. Plants submitted for judging should be registered by 11:45 AM. There is no entry fee for judging however a nominal cost is charged to process any award.   
    If you are interested in additional information about your plant, or have a plant you would like transported to judging, please contact Jean Stefanik, AOS Accredited Judge, or (603) 647-1063) or one of the others who MAY be driving to judging this month.
    Calling all Orchid Growers !
    An AOS Judging Center is a great place to see how new hybrids are blooming and what new species are coming out of the wilds or even flasks. Hybridizers, whose goal is to make better-looking flowers and plants, get to see what’s working, and, what’s not. All attendees get a first-hand look at the best, most unusual, and even the worst and learn what to look for and are privy to a great store of knowledge in terms of quality, unusualness and historical perspective.      

    Learning how to judge an orchid begins with a minimum six-year training period; but, with orchids (and orchid judging) constantly evolving, the learning process is ongoing - What was good 5, 10 or 15 years ago may be substandard today. The Judging Program affords exhibitors and judges alike with an opportunity to look at issues like this through informative presentations and lively discussions that precede plant judging. The bottom line is that Judging Centers are in place for the benefit of all orchid interests.

    The NH Orchid Society has made regular contributions to support the AOS Judging Program at the Northeast Regional Centers in Boylston MA and Stamford CT.  Donations (monetary and plants or books for auctions) are always appreciated.

    Orchid societies’ monthly show tables provide a great opportunity for members to show off their blooming plants and see what others are doing. A Judge may comment on the quality or rarity of a plant and suggest that it be brought to an AOS judging center where it may be researched in their records. Unless your plant or inflorescence was AOS judged, you’ll probably never know if it’s awardable but one thing is certain - your plant won’t be awarded if it stays at home. So, what are you waiting for?  We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming judging! 


    • 03 Jun 2017
    • 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • 2270 Cook Rd., Galway, NY

    Piping Rock Orchids Open House

    2270 Cook Rd

    Galway, NY

    Plant sale and picnic in conjunction with the North Eastern New York Orchid Society/

    New England societies have been extended an invite to the Piping Rock Orchids Open House and Picnic in Galway, NY. This is a great opportunity to meet orchid lovers from outside our area, hear a great speaker and spend a summer day among beautiful orchids and maybe bring a few home with you.

    • Special Guest Speaker & Vendor
      • Cordelia Head
    • NENYOS & Piping Rock Orchids Sponsored Picnic Lunch - including hamburgers, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, all types of salads, and more
    Complete open house info:

    • 10 Jun 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Bedford NH, Old Town Hall

    MOS and CAIOS member Dick Philips will be giving a talk on his experience in Venezuela.

    He and his wife Eleanor lived and worked there for five years and had a small orchid collection. While there, they collected Schomburgkia and today have probably the largest collection of this species in the Northeast.

    • 23 Jun 2017
    • 12:00 PM
    • 24 Jun 2017
    • 5:00 PM
    • Smith Vocational High School, 80 Locust Street (Route 9), Northampton, MA
    Second Annual New England Summer Orchid Fest

    Free Admission

    Friday, June 23: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    Saturday, June 24: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Smith Vocational High School
    Northampton, MA

    This summer orchid fest is hosted by the Amherst Orchid Society and brings together several orchid vendors providing opportunities to learn about orchid growing as well as pick up new plants for your collection.

    The New England Summer Orchid Fest will feature:

    • AOS sanctioned Judging on Saturday, June 24, starting at 12 Noon
    • Any vendor or Fest attendee may bring their own plants for AOS judging (plants should arrive by 11 a.m. to be registered for AOS award consideration)
    • Free parking will be available at the school and entrance to the Festival is FREE !

    Orchid Vendors will include:

    • orchidPhile: Specializing in miniature and novelty Phalaenopsis orchids
    • Piping Rock Orchids: Specializing in Paphiopedilums & Phragmipediums
    • Fair Orchids: Specializing in Paphiopedilum & smaller Vandaceous plants
    • Gold Country Orchids: Specializing in mini Catts
    • J&L Orchids: Specializing in miniatures
    • flora-peculia: Specializing in Neofinetia, Japanese orchids & orchid species 
    • Waldor Orchids: Specializing in Cattleyas & Oncidinae
    • Plus: an additional surprise vendor or two, TBA
    • Grace Emporium: Specializing in orchid embroidered apparel
    • Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies: Specializing in media and material for orchid growing

    Smith Vocational High School is located at 80 Locust
    Street (Route 9) next to the Cooley Dickson Hospital.

    Contact info:

    Summer Fest flyer

    • 08 Jul 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Bedford NH, Old Town Hall

    Topic: TBA

    Speaker: Kim Feddersen of Fair Orchids no Maplewood NJ will be our July speaker. He grows of a wide variety of orchids.

    You may preorder from his webpage

    • 12 Aug 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Mason Hollow, 47 Scripps Lane, Mason NH
    Our August meeting will be our annual society picnic. We will have a show table so bring your blooming orchids.

    Sue and Chuck Andersen's Home
    Mason Hollow
    47 Scripps Lane
    Mason NH

    Please bring appetizers, salads, side dishes and dessert. NHOS will supply the hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken.

    Reminder - this will also be our Annual Meeting at which time we will elect new officers and approve the upcoming year's budget. 

    • 09 Sep 2017
    • 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Bedford Old Town Hall, 3 Meetinghouse Rd, Bedford NH
    In conjunction with the monthly New Hampshire Orchid Society meeting, the International Phalaenopsis Alliance (IPA) is pleased to present its 6th Annual Speakers’ Day, Focusing on Phalaenopsis.

    This day-long event will include three presentations. 

    Alan Koch, from Gold Country Orchids, will speak on the new trend in breeding for Phalaenopsis intergenerics. 

    Joining him will be Dotty Woodson, Certified Nursery Professional and Water Resource Specialist for Texas A&M. She  is an expert on orchid pests and diseases and will discuss how to effectively treat them in all types of orchids. 

    Carri Raven-Riemann of the orchidPhile, past IPA President and current Regional Director, will update us on some of the cutting-edge breeding as seen at the Taiwan 2017 TIOS Show, including some exciting new directions from some of the smaller boutique hybridizers who are always thinking outside the box.

    As always, Daryl Yerdon, owner of Kelley's Korner Orchid Supply will be the vendor for all your orchid supply needs.

    Registration deadline is September 2, 2017.

    NHOS members, please register for free online.

    Non-NHOS members may register online to pay the $15 registration fee. If you prefer to pay by check, please send it to arrive no later than August 26, 2017 to:

    P.O. Box 5375
    Manchester NH 03108 

    IPA website:


    8:30 - 9:15 am
    Morning Refreshments & Sales Tables Open 
    9:30 - 10:15 am

    Alan Koch: Intriguing Intergeneric Phalaenopsis Breeding Trends

    10:30 - 11:15 am

    Carri Raven-Riemann: An Abundance of Big Lips and More!

    Mini Auction (to raise funds for future meetings)

    11:45 - 12:45 pm
    Lunch Break & Sales Tables Open

    12:45 - 1:30 pm
    Review of the Show Table

    1:30 - 2:15 pm

    Dotty Woodson: Pest & Disease Control for All Orchid Growers

    2:15 - 2:45 pm
    Roundtable Discussion with the Speakers

    For Vendor Pre-Order Lists-Please mention "IPA Regional Pre-Order" in subject line:


    PRE-ORDER LIST - General - Fall 2017.pdf

    Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies:

    • 10% off pre-orders placed by September 8. 
    • Use coupon code IPA2016 at checkout. 
    • We will have a limited selection of supplies for sale so pre-orders are highly encouraged so that we can bring the supplies you'll be looking for. 
    • 14 Oct 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Bedford NH, Old Town Hall

    Speaker and topic TBA

    • 11 Nov 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Bedford NH, Old Town Hall

    Allen Koch, owner of Gold Country Orchids will be our speaker this month.

    Topic TBA

    He will have plants to sell.

    • 02 Dec 2017
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Bedford NH, Old Town Hall
    Monthly meeting starts at 11 am. 

    Please note that we will meet on the first Saturday of the month, not the usual second Saturday.

    Come celebrate orchids and orchid friends at our holiday party at Bedford Old Town Hall. 

    It's potluck so please bring a dish to share.

    The AOS Northeast Judging Center will have their monthly meeting with us and will conduct a mini-auction to help defray their monthly costs.

Past events

13 May 2017 Monthly Meeting - Annual Vendors' and Members' Auction
06 May 2017 Monthly AOS Judging
08 Apr 2017 Dr. Kristen Uthus, New World Orchids
01 Apr 2017 Monthly AOS Judging
11 Mar 2017 New Members meeting
04 Mar 2017 Monthly AOS Judging
11 Feb 2017 2017 NHOS Show Dinner Party
10 Feb 2017 2017 NHOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
04 Feb 2017 Monthly Meeting - Show Prep
04 Feb 2017 Monthly AOS Judging
28 Jan 2017 CAIOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
14 Jan 2017 January Meeting - Paphiopedilum
07 Jan 2017 Monthly AOS Judging
11 Dec 2016 CAIOS Winter Solstice Party and Auction
03 Dec 2016 Monthly Meeting - Holiday Party
12 Nov 2016 Monthly Meeting - Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids
05 Nov 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
04 Nov 2016 MOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
21 Oct 2016 Lyman Estate Fall Orchid Sale
08 Oct 2016 Monthly Meeting - Alan Koch/Gold Country Orchids
01 Oct 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
10 Sep 2016 Monthly Meeting - IPA Focus on Phals Day
03 Sep 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
13 Aug 2016 Monthly Meeting - Annual Picnic and Annual Business Meeting
09 Aug 2016 MOS Monthly meeting - Jason Fischer, Orchids Limited
06 Aug 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
09 Jul 2016 Monthly Meeting - DVD on Orchid Hunting in Peru
02 Jul 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
24 Jun 2016 First Annual New England Summer Orchid Fest
11 Jun 2016 Monthly Meeting - Japanese orchid species
04 Jun 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
14 May 2016 Monthly Meeting - Vendor/Member Auction
07 May 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
09 Apr 2016 Monthly Meeting - Native Orchids of New Zealand
09 Apr 2016 Ocean State Orchid Society Special Auction
02 Apr 2016 Monthly AOS Judging
19 Mar 2016 Nutmeg State Orchid Society Show and Sale
12 Mar 2016 Monthly Meeting - New Member Meeting & Repotting Clinic
13 Feb 2016 2016 NHOS Show Dinner Party
12 Feb 2016 NHOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
06 Feb 2016 Monthly Meeting - Show Prep
09 Jan 2016 Monthly Meeting - Path to Pleurothallids
05 Dec 2015 Monthly Meeting - Holiday Party & AOS Judging
06 Nov 2015 MOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
16 Oct 2015 Connecticut Orchid Society Annual Show and Sale
10 Oct 2015 Monthly Meeting - Members' Auction
12 Sep 2015 Monthly Meeting - IPA Focus on Phals Day
13 Jun 2015 Monthly Meeting - Miniature Vanda
06 Jun 2015 Piping Rock Open House
01 Jun 2015 Native Orchid Conference
27 Mar 2015 Macfarlane Greenhouse, University of NH
14 Mar 2015 Monthly Meeting - New Member Meeting & Repotting Clinic
14 Feb 2015 NHOS Show Dinner Party
13 Feb 2015 NHOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
07 Feb 2015 Monthly Meeting - Show Prep
31 Jan 2015 J&L Orchids' Winter Thaw Open House
10 Jan 2015 Monthly Meeting - Orchidariums
13 Dec 2014 Monthly Meeting - Holiday Party with Member Auction
06 Dec 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
04 Dec 2014 UNH MacFarlane Greenhouse Poinsettia Trials
08 Nov 2014 Monthly Meeting - Jason Fischer/Orchids Limited
01 Nov 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
31 Oct 2014 MOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
23 Oct 2014 Lyman Estate Fall Orchid Sale
18 Oct 2014 Montreal Botanic Garden & Orchid Show Road Trip
17 Oct 2014 CTOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
11 Oct 2014 Monthly Meeting - Alan Koch/Gold Country Orchids
04 Oct 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
13 Sep 2014 Monthly Meeting - IPA Focus on Phals Day
06 Sep 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
09 Aug 2014 Monthly Meeting - Annual Picnic and Silent Auction
02 Aug 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
12 Jul 2014 Monthly Meeting - Creating Novelty Phalaenopsis for Color and Fragrance with Peter Lin
05 Jul 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
21 Jun 2014 Orchid Estate Sale - Larch Hill Orchids
14 Jun 2014 Monthly Meeting - Growing Plants for Show with Darrin Norton
07 Jun 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
31 May 2014 Open House and Picnic at Piping Rock Orchids
10 May 2014 Duane Erdmann,Speaking and sale of Restrepias
03 May 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
12 Apr 2014 Monthly Meeting - Vendors' Auction
12 Apr 2014 Beginner and Culture Clinic
05 Apr 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
15 Mar 2014 Nutmeg State Orchid Society Annual Show and Sale
09 Mar 2014 CAIOS Monthly Meeting - Sarcochilus: Jewels of Spring
08 Mar 2014 Monthly Meeting - New Members Meeting & How to Repot
01 Mar 2014 Monthly AOS Judging
22 Feb 2014 Amherst Orchid Society Annual Show and Sale
14 Feb 2014 NHOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
08 Feb 2014 Monthly Meeting - Show Prep
03 Feb 2014 Talk on the Brout Orchid Collection
25 Jan 2014 CAIOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
11 Jan 2014 Monthly Meeting - Growing under lights
21 Dec 2013 Marlow Orchids Holiday-Solstice Open House
14 Dec 2013 A&P Orchids Annual Holiday Open House
07 Dec 2013 Monthly Meeting - Holiday Party & AOS Judging
07 Dec 2013 J&L Orchids' Holiday Open House
09 Nov 2013 Monthly Meeting - Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids
01 Nov 2013 MOS Annual Orchid Show and Sale
26 Oct 2013 Berkshire Orchid and Tropical Show
18 Oct 2013 Connecticut Orchid Society Annual Show and Sale
12 Oct 2013 Monthly Meeting - Holger Perner/Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology and Annual Auction
21 Sep 2013 Marlow Orchids Fall Open House
14 Sep 2013 Monthly Meeting - IPA Focus on Phals Day
10 Sep 2013 MOS Annual Auction
17 Aug 2013 Monthly AOS Judging
17 Aug 2013 Crozer and Crozer Orchids Annual Orchid Sale
10 Aug 2013 Monthly Meeting - Annual Picnic
03 Aug 2013 Monthly AOS Judging
20 Jul 2013 Monthly AOS Judging
13 Jul 2013 Monthly Meeting - Roddy Gabel, U.S. Fish and Wildlife
06 Jul 2013 Monthly AOS Judging
28 Jun 2013 J&L Orchids Summer Sale
15 Jun 2013 Monthly AOS Judging
08 Jun 2013 Monthly Meeting - Members' Auction
01 Jun 2013 Monthly AOS Judging
01 Jun 2013 Open House and Picnic at Piping Rock Orchids
18 May 2013 Monthly AOS Judging
11 May 2013 Monthly Meeting - Beginners' Workshop
04 May 2013 Monthly AOS Judging

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