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Ponemah Bog Pogonia ophioglossoides Restoration Project

September, 2018 UPDATE:     Unfortunately,  this reintroduction project did not survive long term.    In checking this past season,  no plants were found at the site.    They simply declined over the years... and were not found this year.   

Summer 2014 --  The population survived the winter... and will continue to be monitored.

Summer 2013 --   A small population was removed, with permission of the owners, from a nearby private location with a thriving population of rose pogonias.    Photos were taken documenting the transplanting.    We will be monitoring  the plants, hoping for them to thrive and reproduce.

Early discussions and history...  The NHOS Conservation Committed has been engaging in conversations for several years with the managers of Ponemah Bog in Amherst, NH.    The Rose pogoina historically has been present at the bog, but the population seems to have dwindled, most likely due to transition growth and perhaps browsing?    A plan was developed by Jean S. and George N.  to re-introduce a sample population.

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